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Why Brazil

Brazil is much more than just Soccer and Carnival
Top 3 App Downloads!

Brazil is the Top 3 country in App Downloads, that's rude! United States and China are on Top 1 and Top 2. (source)

272 million cellphones

Brazil has more cellphones than people - and we are more then 200 million people! (source)

Outsourcing Strategy

Brazil is becoming the new India, in terms of Outsourcing. US dolar is 4 times stronger then Brazilian currency, which makes us cheaper! (source)

Brazilian people want new cheaper solutions!

80% of population have prepaid (pay-as-you-go) contracts. This means - if you have an App to reduce costs - it will explode in Brazillian market! (source)

95% don't speak English

Only 5% of people speak English. Translate your App and Support your users in Portuguese right now! (source)

U$ 25 bilion market

This is the flow of Brazilian App Market, 25 bilion dollar. (source)


million cellphones

U$ 25

billion market

Top 3

App downloads


don't speak English

Our Focus

Let's make your app thrive in our local market

We translate your role ecosystem, including the App itself, the description on the Store, website, facebook fanpage and whatever you need!

Review's Monitor

Be aware of bug info and features insights in every review at Google Play and Apple Store in Brazil, answering and supporting each customer in Portuguese.

Ticket Support

We mediate communication between your Brazilian users and your IT team, screening possible bugs in different cell phone models.

Marketing Strategy

We know the ropes to handle the best marketing strategies for the Brazilian market - and even better - we have access to special resources to improve your Cost per Download (CPA).

Facebook Page Support

Have your localized PT-BR Facebook fan page managed, with posts in Portuguese, followers tracked and interaction with users according to your company culture and level of service.


Do you know that in Brazil only 13% of population has Credit Card? We developed a billing solutions with integration among all Brazilians Carrier, where the users are chargered directly on their carrier plan without CreditCard needs.

Did you know?

According to a British Council research, just 5% of Brazilians speacks English!

Translate and Supporting your customers in portuguese is a demand!


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How to

Increase your download numbers in Brazil

Nothing is worst than miscommunication between provider and users. This type of failures lead both to errors, dissatisfaction and a bad experience.

Have a professional App on proper Portuguese language goes further then the interface itself, but also in the pre interaction and post-purchase relationship.

To put your app in a better and higher position at the store is necessary anwser each review. Besides that, understand users comments makes your company stronger and aware of the market. Get in touch properly to your clients will improve their engagement and satisfaction with your product.

Also, Brazil have a unique way for advertisiment. There is a sort of marketing channels that works peculiarly well in our country. For example, if you have a Freemium App, the best option will be the traditional Merchandising on TV. We can make your CPA (cost per download) much cheaper!

There's also a lot more tricks on how to advertise in the Brazilian market, and we know how to make it. Come to talk with us!

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